Focus on even the finest details. This is the principle that our represented manufacturers work. Manital, DND, FMN Martinelli – recognized as a manufacturer of exceptional design, quality door handles in Europe. These products are sold in Lithuania since 1996, and have earned the name of a quality product.


1. Convenience

Door handles are used many times each day by opening or closing doors. Therefore, in order for this process to be smooth and comfortable door handles must meet the following requirements:

• Comfortable tuck up around the arm.

• When choosing a handle model, it should be noted that the gap between the door and the handle should be convenient for a hand to grab (When the door is with glass vents or protruding door ornaments – a more comfortable outwardly shaped handle form).

• Adjustable arm handle. When bending the handle, we should not feel the resistance of the additional spring, and when the handle is released it must return to its original state. If the handle is larger, then the spring must be tightened so that the handle would not be bent. When choosing a handle, attention must be drawn to the strength of the locking spring.


2. Fastening

Opening the door, at the pulling time handle attachments got loaded. If the handle is only attached with woodscrews, they will wear out in time. Our sold handles are fixed straight through the lock by the screw-in bolts. Handles have an additional hexagon fastening screw to the axis between the handles.


3. Door handle design

Most of the time, the handles are chosen according to the interior of the room. They can be classical, modern or any different style. When choosing the colour and shape of the handles it is important to take colour of the door into the account.


4. Handling

• INOX – stainless steel. An extremely rigid surface gives the door handle a durability. It is perfect for outdoor and indoor use.

• Brass – handle made of brass, with a hot stamping method. It is a process that guarantees the highest degree of quality and longevity. Perfect for outdoor and indoor use.

• Zinc – handles made of zinc, excellent quality and price combination. Not suitable for outdoor use.


5. Additional Annexes

Along with the handles colour and style it is possible to match-up other accessories as:

• Circular lock cylinders.

• Cover the “Buratin key” key box in a loop.

• WC spools with the option of opening from the outside of the toilet door (this is especially useful for families with small children who can lock in unintentionally, etc.)