The yard gates even has a few possible important missions. First of all, they protect and help control entry / entry to your private area and thus help protect against unwanted guests. Second, they adorn your space, give you more completeness, aesthetics to the common exterior.

The yard gate according to the method of opening can be of two main types:

• Sliding (detachable) courtyard gates.

• The gate openers of the yard.

The key characteristics of choosing the most suitable gateway are:

• Longevity (the yard gate should last for long).

• Quality (the yard gate should be made of high quality, durable, practical materials, resistant to adverse climatic conditions, non-freezing, etc.).

• Maximum security of your territory, gates tightness.

• Functionality, user-friendly operation and adjustment.

• Compactness (the gate of the yard should occupy relatively little space, especially if the yard space is limited).

• Minimum required door supervision.

• No noise, smooth and smooth operation of the gate.

• Excellent aesthetic appearance, harmonious alignment with the building and the general environment.

An important role in choosing the most suitable yard gate is for the courtyard door fittings and the automation system.


The courtyard fittings of the yard are the important details of the yard gate: gate trolley-wheels, undercarriages, retaining wheels, rails, lower and upper stops, gear rails, welded and regulated hinges, locks for luggage, etc. The fittings of the yard door must meet all the security requirements and ensure the smooth functioning of the gate and long-term operation independently of the natural conditions.

The courtyard gate automation is an automated gate management system that incorporates the latest technology to easily and comfortably open or close the gate and increase the security of your area.

Below you will find useful information and tips to help you choose the most suitable yard gates, their fittings and automation.



Sliding courtyard gates are a great choice if:

• Your yard is short, concave, the area of the yard is limited or the entrance to the yard is from the narrow side of the road or the street.

• Unfavourable climatic conditions (snow or ice in winter, leaf fall in autumn, mud in spring, etc.).

• The entrance is fairly wide.

A sliding courtyard gate does not require the opening of an additional courtyard area as the gate is open, as it is simply pushed to the right or left side of the fence at the entrance / exit. They may consist of one or two parts. They are not getting blocked with debris, rubbish, snow or ice, as they move without touching the ground. The sliding courtyard gate can also close large width entrances (eg 10 meters), with no additional load on the hinges and gate pillars.

When planning to install a sliding yard gate, it is worth paying attention to the following:

• Sliding down the courtyard gates will require about 30-40% more space than the entrance width, i.e. The total length of the gate will be 130-140% of the entrance width.

• For these gates, a solid foundation (usually 2 concrete pillars) is important, which is installed according to the weight of the gate, width, direction of movement.

• In order for the gates to function for a long time and operate smoothly, it is necessary to use high-quality gates fittings.

• To make the gate easy to open / close automatically, to increase the overall protection of the site, it is recommended to use a high-quality gate automation that is mounted on one of the gate pillars.

We recommend using the Italian manufacturing company Combi Arialdo Srl’s sliding courtyard gates fittings. For many years now, this company specializes in the production of door fittings and is recognized and valued worldwide for quality and durable products with a great deal of quality and price:

• Combi Arialdo Srl gates trolley-wheels Art.395. Gates trolley-wheels are mounted on the foundation and help ensure the balance of the entire sliding courtyard gate system. The Combi Arialdo Srl Gates trolley-wheels are currently considered one of the most trusted trolley-wheels in the market with a special construction, with strong and durable bearings, capable of withstanding loads of over 900 kg (pictured with RC and RS). They are made of white zinc and meet the class III corrosion resistance in accordance with the requirements of UNI EN 1670. It should be mentioned that these trolley-wheels are also very easy to regulate.

• Combi Arialdo Srl special profile rail Art.399. The gates frame is mounted on this rail. The Combi Arialdo Srl manufacturer’s track has a special shape that makes almost no possibility to keep water and dirt inside the rail. The rail is made of white zinc and corresponds to the class III corrosion resistance according to the requirements of UNI EN 1670. Corrosion resistance is particularly important as the surface of the rail may be damaged due to heavy movement and start to harden.

• Combi Arialdo Srl gate stops: lower stop Art.397 and upper stop Art.467. The gates are located on these stops, they balance the entire gate system, prevent the gates from being sidelined, and protect from noise. They are also made of white zinc.

• Combi Arialdo Srl End Guide Wheel Art.396 and Nylon roller (Art.447, Art.448, Art.455). The end guide wheel helps to reduce the load on Gates trolley-wheels. The Nylon roller helps keep the gate upright. Castors made of white zinc.

• Combi Arialdo Srl Rectangular sliding gate rack Art.805. It is mounted on a special profile rail and allows the gates to easily push the gate. Rectangular sliding gate rack can be 1 m or 2 m in length, made of white zinc.

When choosing a sliding courtyard automation, it is important to pay attention to the experience of gate automation manufacturer in this field, reliability of equipment, service quality level, application of new technologies and price-quality ratio.

We recommend using the Italian manufacturer BFT S.p.a. sliding courtyard gate automation. The company manufactures high-quality gate automation for various gates since the 1980s and is one of the leaders in the world:

• BFT S.p.a. Deim BT 24V and Deusha 230V gate automation is made for sliding courtyard doors weighing less than 500 kg (private house gate). Deim BT’s 24V gate automation is also suitable for larger objects where the gate formation process is intense.

• BFT S.p.a. Deimos 800F gate automation is suitable for sliding courtyard doors with a weight of up to 800 kg. This gateway automation has additional protection against obstructions (car, human, etc.).



The swing gates to the courtyard is a great choice if:

• There is enough space inside or outside the yard to open the gates.

• A wider range of aesthetic-decorative solutions is needed.

The swing gates must be mounted on the pillars. They can open inside or out of the courtyard or one can open inside and the other one outside. They may consist of one or two parts.

When planning to install a gate in the courtyard you should pay attention to the following:

• The pillars for the courtyard gates are very important; depending on the width and weight of the gates, it is must to choose the correct diameter of the pillars, the thickness of the walls, and the depth of concrete.

• It is recommended to use metal details, metal core, in masonry studs, which will provide additional strength for the pillars.

• In order to serve the gate for a long time and to work evenly, it is necessary to use high-quality gate fittings.

• In order to make it easy to open / close the gate, to increase the safety of the whole area, it is recommended to use a high quality gate automation, which is chosen according to the weight and length of the shafts.

It is recommended to use swing yard gates fittings:

• If the pillars are masonry, it is advisable to use the Italian manufacturer Combi Arialdo Srlvyrius Art.378.

• If the pillars are metal, then weld hinges Art.376 or adjustable hinges Art.375.

• When a remote gate opening system is installed, the lock for the 2450 rollers with the electromagnetic plate PLE96A, which responds to electromagnetic pulses, is used.

• The inside of the door is filled with wooden tables or decorative panels, made using elements of blame.

It is recommended to use the Italian company BFT S.p.a. swing yard gates automation:

• Phobos BT (video)

(When the length of one door panel is less than 2 meters) and the Phobos BTNL (when the length of one door panel is less than 5 meters). This is the most popular automation for swing courtyard gates. This gate automation has 24V technology, enhanced security level, and equipped with magnetic switches, which do not require additional gate openings when opening or closing. The gate automation opens gates at 90 degrees in 18 seconds.

• Door automation Virgo 24V is also a popular automation system with 24V technology. It is easily mounted on masonry columns and allows you to open the door at an angle of 120 degrees. The automation opens the gate within 14 seconds.