When choosing gate automation, attention should be paid to the experience of gate automation manufacturer in this field, reliability of equipment, service quality (additional services, after-sales service) quality, application of new technologies and price-quality ratio.



Even the heavy sliding gates of the yard, if they are well-fitted, can be easily pushed by hand, but with gate automation all gate management functions are more comfortable and safer. Gate automation is needed for easy automatic opening and closing and locking of the gate, providing greater protection for your area.

The sliding gate automation is selected according to the weight of the gate and the intensity of its formation. The movement for the gates is transmitted through the rectangular sliding gate rack bar Art.805 (door fittings detail).

The Italian company BFT S.p.a., which has been manufacturing gate automation since the 1980s, is one of the leaders in the field in the world and offers gate automation for gates of any size:

• The most commonly used Deimos BT 24V and Deimos 230V gate automation for the gates with a weight of up to 500 kg are offered by this company. This is a good choice for private users who arrange the gate automation of their home courtyard. BT’s 24V range is also suitable for larger objects where traffic (gate opening) is intense.

• Deimos 800F is suitable for gates weighing up to 800 kg. This gate automation has additional protection against obstruction (car, human, etc.) compression.


The automation for the swing gate is selected according to the length and weight of the shaft. Automation can be installed both on the newly installed and on the old gate.

Italian company BFT S.p.a. offers a gate automation for various sizes of swing gates:

• The most popular automation for the swing gate is recognized by Phobos BT (one shelf length up to 2 meters) and the Phobos BTNL (one shelf length up to 5 meters). This gate automation features 24V technology, enhanced security levels, and equipped with magnetic isolators, which does not require the installation of additional gates for opening or closing doors. Automation gates open at 90 degrees in 18 seconds.

• Gate automatics is also popular in Virgo 24V. It also has 24V technology installed, the gate opens in 14 seconds. It is easily mounted on masonry columns and allows you to open the door at an angle of 120 degrees



Sectional raised garage doors are the most up-to-date and functional and most popular garage doors. They consist of sections – horizontal panels (panels), connected to one set. These gates climb upward and slid inward parallel to the ceiling (saving the garage space).

Usually, garage doors with automation in the house are installed at first place and only then the gate with its automatics. Lifting garage door automation is subject to much lower requirements than yard gate automation, since garage door automation is usually at a positive temperature, not exposed to precipitation and dirt. Attention is drawn to the fact that not all manufacturers produce the same reliable two types of automation, so it is necessary to pay attention to the characteristics of the gateway automation (operate the outdoor temperature, etc.) and do not rush to buy the gate automation of the same manufacturer’s courtyard.

In order to match the automation of two different manufacturers (garage door and courtyard), it is possible to use the universal Italian company BFT S.p.a. receiver Clonix – it is an external variable-channel dual-channel receiver that is designed to match BFT automation with the automation of another manufacturer. Once installed, it will be possible to control the gate of another manufacturer and perform other useful functions with the same BFT remote control. Using this universal receiver, it is possible to program the controls to enable the irrigation system, outdoor lighting, etc.

By installing BFT gate automation systems in Boticelli, EOS or Argo, the gate will be maximally comfortable to use.



The Italian company BFT S.p.a. It offers powerful gate automation for intensive exploitation – Deimos 800F, Urano BT, Icaro, SP 4000 (up to 4,000 kg for doors).

BFT Argo gate automation is suitable for lifting sectional doors (up to 20 square meters). It is mounted on a shaft and is very conveniently adjusted and programmed.