What should I pay attention to when choosing a safe?


Before choosing a safe, you need to decide on what are you going to keep. A small safe is available for jewel safekeeping. If you plan to store documents or a laptop computer, you will need a larger safe. Before picking, it’s important to measure the place, where are you going to put a safe.


• Wall safes – attached to the wall opening. This safe box is so small, it’s easier to hide. He firmly attaches to the wall. Disadvantage – in preparing the place for the safe, additional preparatory work is needed, the cavity in the wall must be made.


• Furniture safe – fixed by screws to the floor or wall, so you need to set it when choosing a place. The safe can be placed in a shelf or hid by a furniture wickets. Advantage – It’s easy to find the right place. The disadvantage is that it takes up space and is easier to notice.


• Safe lockable with a mechanical lock. This safe is cheaper when compared to a motor lock. Disadvantage – you need to carry the key with you, store it. It can be copied.


• Safes locked by an electric motor lock. These types of safes are more expensive than a mechanical lock. Advantage – there is no need for a key to be protected, the lock code can easily be changed. Disadvantage – Rarely, but you need to replace the lock battery. In a case of a battery leak – there is an emergency opening key.


The safe is bought as an additional protection to protect your most expensive assets, so it’s important to note where it was made (we do not recommend safes from countries in the Asian region), and you need to make sure that the product has the necessary warranties and post-warranty service.