Modern gates are completely different than they were made ten years ago – they not only decorate the entrance to your territory, but also are comfortable and safe to use, do not take extra space in your yard and provide protection against unwanted guests.


Today’s gate can be divided into the following categories:

• Yard gates

• Garage doors

• Industrial gates

The yard gates has two types:

• Sliding courtyard gates (lately more popular).

• Gates of the courtyard (classic).


Sliding courtyard gates are usually installed inside the yard and can open either to the right or to the left, depending on how much space is on either side of the gate. These gates are most suitable for the closure of the territory – short, narrow, concave courtyards or larger passageways closure.


Advantages of sliding yard gates:

1. Sliding gates are compact and perfectly suited for limited yard space (saving space). They do not need additional space for opening the gate, as they can simply be pulled along the fence to the right or left side. Therefore, these gates do not occupy the additional courtyard area, which is necessary for car maneuvering, parking or other uses.

2. Sliding gates move smoothly without touching the ground (no upper and lower rails), so neither garbage nor snow or ice interfere with the easy opening of the gates. This is especially true for Lithuanian climate conditions.

3. Sliding gates can maintain a high weight, that is is why they are suitable even for large-sized entrances. For comparison, the swing gate openings, especially if they are heavy and long, heavily loads gates hinges and gate pillars. Due to excessive load, the hinges can quickly wear out and the gate pillars move sideways, then an additional load will be needed for the gate automation. The sliding gate of the yard does not have these drawbacks – they can weigh several tons and cover large widths, such as: 10 meters of entrances. Even with such parameters, sliding gates will operate smoothly (open evenly and without excessive noise) for many years.


 Sliding courtyard gate and gate fittings characteristics:

• The total length of the sliding gate is equal to the entrance width, adding 30-40% of this size, depending on the gate weight (totaling about 130-140% of the entry width).

• In the 30-40% of the supplementary area, usually there are installed 2 foundations. The higher the entry width, the greater the distance between these foundations is. The dimensions of the foundation may vary. For example, when the entry width is 4-5 meters and the gate is moderate, the dimensions of the first foundation will be about 1200 x 500 x 500 cm, the dimensions of the second foundation will be about 1200 x 400 x 400 cm.

• Gate automation (electromechanical actuator with control unit and variable code receiver) is installed on the first gate.

• On the foundations are mounted door fittings and its part are – trolley-wheels.

• The sliding gates frame is welded and mounted on a special profile rail, with which the gate frame moves along the trolley-wheel along the fence.

• A gear rack is mounted on the rail. It is necessary for the gate automation to easily push the gate.

• In order to keep the sliding gates long lasting and long, the following accessories for the gate are required: gate stops (lower and upper), lower wheel and retaining wheel.


Sliding courtyard gates fittings:

• Recommended use of the Italian manufacturer Combi Arialdo Srl trolley-wheels Art.395. They are one of the most trusted fittings for trolley-wheels on the market today, with the advantages of special construction, durable and durable bearings, with a load of over 900 kg (pictured with RC and RS). Also, these trolley-wheels are galvanized and meet the third class of corrosion resistance in accordance with the requirements of UNI EN 1670. It is also important to mention that these trolley-wheels are very easy to regulate. For example, when the tables are mounted on the gate frame, the gates may fall slightly, in which case, with the help of a simple key, the trolley-wheels can be adjusted to allow the gates to move straight. Trolley-wheels stand apart from each other at a certain distance and ensure the balance of all moving gates.

 • It is recommended to use the Art.399 special profile rail of the Italian manufacturer Combi Arialdo Srl. Due to the special shape of the rudder, dirt and water do not stay inside. The rail is galvanized and meets the third class of corrosion resistance in accordance with the requirements of UNI EN 1670. Corrosion resistance is especially important because the rail often moves and its surface can be damaged and start to harden.

• It is recommended to use the Italian manufacturer’s Combi Arialdo Srl gate stops: the bottom stop Art.397 and the upper stop Art.467. Also use the lower wheel Art.396 and the retaining wheel (Art.447, Art.448, and Art.455). The lower caster enters the lower stop and transfers part of the gate weight to it, removing part of the load on the trolley-wheels. The top stop prevents the gates from moving sideways (balances the entire gate system, protects against noise). The retaining caster is built from the bottom to the top of the welded profile and fixed to the gate post, thus helping to keep the gate in a vertical position.

• It is recommended to use the Art.805 rectangular sliding gate rack of the Italian manufacturer, Combi Arialdo Srl., The rack can be 1 m or 2 m in length.


Italian manufacturing company Combi Arialdo Srl has been specialized in the production of door fittings for many years and is well-known worldwide for quality and durable products. All door fittings are manufactured in the same factory and tested as a solid system. This allows you to accurately calculate what load the gate system can withstand, so the design can be manufactured from thinner metal. The result is that this system is lighter, thus less wearing and no additional load goes to gates automation. Due to the special design, this system is very durable and long-lasting it is also important to mention that it has a very good quality and price ratio.



The courtyard gates are mounted on 2 metal or masonry pillars with metal details, with special hinges.

Fitted Door Hinge Fittings:

• If the pillars are masonry, it is advisable to use the Italian manufacturer Combi Arialdo Srl hinges Art.378.

• If the pillars are metal, then the best hinges are Art. 376 or adjustable hinges Art.375. Using these hinges, you can adjust the gates or wickets without removing them.

• Gates adjustment is especially important when a remote gate opening system is installed. Then lock for gates 2450 is used with an electromagnetic plate PLE96A that responds to electromagnetic pulses is used.

• The gap between the gate post and the gate opening is very small, so it is necessary to adjust it properly. The shutters are usually made of a square tube (40 x 40 mm). The inside of the door is filled with wooden tables or decorative panels made using forged elements.



Industrial facilities usually require gates to close large openings. The sectional doors are the most popular in buildings, and sliding gates are used to close the area. The industrial gates are large in size and are used extensively, requiring strong and reliable door fittings and automation.

The Italian manufacturing company Combi Arialdo Srl offers a wide range of sliding gates for the door fittings of Medio (maximum entry width up to 9 meters) and Grande (maximum entry width up to 14 meters).