What do people need to know when choosing a door?


When choosing a door, people has to understand and evaluate a lot of different things:

Door Purpose (outdoor or indoor);

• What are the requirements of the customer for their doors (higher level of protection and sound and thermal insulating properties, or only sound and thermal insulating properties);

• What requirements does customer have for door finish (design, materials, durability, etc.);

• Locks (manufacturer, advantages and disadvantages);

• Door Model.


Why does our doors cost more comparing with Chinese?

Doors coming from China are fully made and have only standard dimensions, and therefore do not always meet the needs of the customer. The materials used in doors manufacturing are of dubious quality, this is the reason why these doors are often damaged, and the seller does not have the ability to repair them, because there are no spare parts nor materials. The guarantee for these doors, as a rule, does not exceed 12 months. The base of all doors is the lock, namely the lock and the weakest place in the Chinese door – a bad heart, a weak mechanism that only opens with the help of a clip.


So, the answer to this question can only be the question: CAN THE DOOR WITH TWO LOCKS COST THE SAME AS ONE NOT HIGHEST PRICED LOCK


Is it possible to install an additional lock in the existing door?


Locks are installed in the door during production and from the type of locks (size, additional accessories, etc.) belong to the interior of the door and frame construction. Without major problems, it is possible to change the locks of the same manufacturer or made according to a certain standard. All other changes are a possible violation of the structure, so we look at this kind of “modernization” with great caution. If such work was not performed by our company, the customer may lose the guarantee for the whole product.


Is the hinged frame better than the standard made of a rectangular pipe?


As always there is no unequivocal answer. Door manufacturing uses door frames, both from a profiled profile and from a rectangular pipe. The rectangular tube has better mechanical properties. The stack is stronger, which is very important when the walls are weak and the fasteners cannot lock it in the opening of the cabinet. It is easier to insulate the casing from the crimped profile, all the cavities are made using reformatting devices, so the casing does not require additional machining. During the door measurement, the craftsman can advise you which variant is right for you.


If your doors are thinner than the ones from a rival company are these doors mechanically weaker?


All doors before sales need to be tested in order to serve them long and do not change their properties after a long period of time. One part of such tests is precisely the tests of mechanical strength and strength, when the doors are tested by bending, shaking, and pressuring their construction. Our done the tests have shown that our “thin” doors overtake almost all “thick” competitors by the very design of their own, with the inside of the curtain filled with closed flexible steel profiles, which not only protect the locks from the outside and inside, but also strengthen the door frame.


Do you need a roof over the outside door?


The roof above the outside door is not only necessary, but a must-need. In our operating rules, even in a separate paragraph, it is written that without a roof for the door, warranty is not given. Exterior doors are not completely sealed, so water can get inside the door and damage the door structure or damage the lock mechanism, and if this happens on a regular basis, the risk is increasing.


Why do I need an “armoured” door, if I do not require special protection, but only a good, warm and sound insulating door?


For a long time, “armoured doors” are not a luxury item. Over the past 20 years, they have proven their advantage over the wooden door. Although they look like a simple wooden door, but due to their design, it allows to avoid the negative features, the defects that are typical of ordinary wooden doors. The advantages of the doorbell: and their structure does not evolve over time. Warranty for the INTERNAL door is up to 5 years.


• Very good heat and sound insulation. The inside of the door is filled with mineral wool.

• Finishing materials are very easy to maintain.

• Safest locks are used, which locks into 3 sides, which greatly increases the mechanical resistance of the sash before breaking-in.


How much does our door cost?

The price of a door depends on the size of the door, decoration, locks, mounting space, and so on. If you give us all this information, we will accurately calculate the price of the door. For more information, please contact us at 8 46 366550 or send an inquiry by e-mail: info@romida.lt.


Where else can I order your door if I live in a city where there are no stores?


Our doors are sold in almost all of Lithuania. To find out the nearest place, please email us at info@romida.lt. We will respond personally or forward your letter to our partners so that they can contact you.


How does our protective doors construction differs from the other manufacturers?


Door sash is made of closed profiles. The welded profile on the front sheet is made up of a pipe-type design, which is almost impossible to deform using a hand-held instrument (a cone, a screwdriver, etc.). The sleeve becomes unusually stable and has been confirmed by tests in specialized laboratories;


• Thickness of the sash is just 65 mm;

• The gap between the door leaf and the frame is protected by a double layer of metal;

• The closed folded profile is made up of a metal box, so all locks are protected from the outside both inside and out;

• The hinges fixation point is reinforced with a 40 * 50 4mm thick steel plate;

• The hinges are protected by four 16 mm pins from cutting.


What kind of doors are better for the outside and what is the difference between our doors and other outside doors?

OUTSIDE DOORS are probably the most complex of all our doors.

Outdoor doors have to serve for many years, to withstand atmospheric, sun, wind, rain, cold, moisture effects, to be mechanically durable, to protect the house.


The UPHOLST door was developed immediately as an outside door and combined the best of the required properties – excellent thermal insulation (1 W * K / m2) and good sound insulation (42 dB). They do not have a direct frost bridge, so they cannot catch and do not spit. Metal is used only to increase the mechanical strength of doors, and most of the parts are made of glued plywood, so they can be repainted after a while as a simple wooden door.


What does the RAL colour palette mean?


There are many colour standards among paint manufacturers that produce colours.


The RAL colour palette is probably the most commonly used standard. The main colours can be viewed online at www.ralcolor.com, but when choosing a colour on the Internet, you need to know that the colour on the screen does not always accurately match the actual colour of the paint, depending on the monitor’s settings. Therefore, we suggest checking the colour in the colour catalogue, which is available at all sales outlets.


How are our doors installed and how do we tackle weakening of the sites?


From door mounting depends on how much your door is serviced, so we advise that the door is installed by our specialists or our authorized company, then you will avoid problems with the poor installation of the door.


The door mounting method depends on the walls, the size of the door, the model, the mounting location. The doors are usually fitted with screws or steel pins. If the doors have special security requirements, in order to protect the fixing points from cutting, they can additionally be protected by a hinged profile or metal inserts, and the mounting foam is replaced by a masonry mix.


 Why Doors form condensation?


When there is a big difference between the outside and the internal temperature, the door can from a condesnation from the inside. The main reasons for this are poor ventilation and insufficient heating. When the premises are badly ventilated, air humidity increases. When it is badly heated – the air no longer has any moisture in it. And in one case, the door surface temperature dropped to a certain threshold, otherwise known as the dew point, causing condensation to accumulate. If the door is constantly moist, mold may appear which is very dangerous to human health.


What does powder paint and powder painting mean?


These are special dry paints (powder) that electrically spray metal surfaces. Later, the “powdered” sprayed part is placed in the oven. It is at this stage that the “powder” turns into a paint coating. The furnace is equipped with a compressor blowing hot air. Polymerization is under way. The “powder” is simply melded around the surface and forms a solid coating. Powder coating helps protect metal from corrosion. Powder coated surfaces are durable and also resistant to mechanical stress. They are durable not only in adverse climatic conditions, but also in a chemically aggressive environment.


How is PVC tape bonded to a MDF board?


Before bonding PVC, the MDF board is covered with special thermal glue, which is activated when the ambient temperature reaches the corresponding level. After drying the adhesive, the MDF board is covered with a PVC tape and placed in a membrane press, where it softens. The vacuum created compresses the film onto the MDF board and takes the shape of that plate with all the carvings and recesses.


The MDF board is covered with a solid sheet of tape, which makes it much more durable than the MDF board. It does not have glued edges that can withstand mechanical stress from time to time.


 Why do we use a standard shutter-chain, and others do not use or use their own produced chains?


Because of the very good sound insulation of the door, it’s almost impossible for people to slip through the door without opening them and not losing security. So, based on the experience of our own and the most famous Italian door manufacturers MOTTURRA experience, for a secure conversation we use a shutter-chain, with a capacity of 750 kg.


The installation of this mechanism requires very sophisticated and precise machine tools, so not all manufacturers have the opportunity to purchase such production capacities. Other chains are only analogues and have many defects and do not perform all of their functions (significantly less pulling force, no locking function, force is distributed so that a very high load falls on the hinges).


What locks are installed in our doors?


For more than 20 years, we have been installing locks of the most famous manufacturers such as ASSA (Sweden), SECUREMME, (ITALY), MUL-T-LOCK (ISRAEL), MOTTURA (ITALY), CISA (ITALY), ABLOY (FINLAND). All of these locks are of high quality and reliability. They are evaluated by European laboratories and have appropriate quality certificates.