Locks – are useful gadgets for protecting your property from thefts and robberies, it is used for stopping unwanted guests, and providing reliability and peace to you, when you are at home and when you are away for longer period of time, without taking your property with you. The most important factor to the locks is security. All locks, depending on how many security criteria they meet, are classified into safety classes in accordance with European Union standards. The cylindrical locks are classified into 5 security classes, and the plate type locks are classified into 7 security classes. The higher the security class of the locks is, the more security criteria it meets and the more reliable it is. Assessing the security level of a lock and assigning it to the appropriate security class, the following key criteria are taken into account:

JSC “Romida” for 20 years is providing high quality locks, from recognized and certified manufacturers. Specialists of the company, upon request, provides professional technical support and information about the interested locks, their manufacturers, security classes; Helps to choose the locks that meet the needs of the customer from the wide range of locks offered.



ABLOY – Finnish manufacturer locks: internal door locks, outside door locks, high security locks, additional locks, electric locks. It is one of the largest locksmith manufacturers in the world (merged with the ASSA ABLOY concern), offering a wide range of locks and locking systems. The materials used for the production of ABLOY locks have special features that increase the resistance to drilling and other impacts. ABLOY locks are extremely durable, resistant to wear, corrosion.

Extremely reliable ABLOY DISKLOCK and ABLOY PROTEC cylindrical locks are the highest 5th level security class locks, with a unique cylinder structure fully resistant to air, the keys are patented and manufactured only by authorized representatives, there are 2 billion. One-key profile options, the key rotates all cylinder disks at the same time, and if at least one floppy disk is turned incorrectly, others block out – this gives the highest level of protection against long blemishes.

SECUREMME – Italian locksmiths: high-security safe and cylindrical locks, additional locks. Locks are certified according to the ISO quality standard and have more than 200 million. Key combinations, special steel-manganese alloy protected from drilling; lockable with 4 key rotations; locks the door in three directions; Keys are sealed in the factory packaging and opened only in front of the buyer

AGB – Italian manufacturer locks: various internal door locks.

CISA – Italian manufacturer locks ELBOR-GRANIT: safety locks with increased security.

NEMEF – Locks of the Netherlands manufacturer, owned by ASSA ABLOY concern: high security locks.

ZONE – The UK manufacturer of Zone Security Products (UK) Limited ZONE 2000 enhanced security code locks.



Before buying a lock, it is advisable to consult a specialist to find out if your chosen lock is certified, to find out its security level, which security class lock is applicable.

Most theft and robbery occur with the use of a master-key or broken locks, so you should pay close attention to choosing a very secure and reliable locks. High security class locks are relatively more expensive, but it is a long-lasting investment in the safety of your home.

In order to increase security, lock key multiplication control and lock protection should be considered, whether the lock has all the necessary protection against mechanical breakage, drilling, and acidic effects.

When a lock key is lost, it is recommended that you immediately change the lock latches, rather than simply creating a new key in the first key workshop that has occurred.

When choosing a lock latches, the most robust and resistant to dirt, moisture, freezing, and acidic effects are cylindrical lock latches that operate on the principle of rotating discs.

In order to save and decide whether to select two lower security class locks or one higher security class locks, it is recommended to choose the second option as optimal.

It is recommended to build 2 different types of higher security class locks (cylindrical and safe) for increasing the security of doors.

In order to increase the efficiency of the locks, it is necessary to build it in high-quality and strong doors (if you have a poor-quality, a weak door, even a good lock will not be able to protect your property).

To make it more difficult to mechanically break the door, they should be mounted in such a way that the door opens outward.

More useful and professional advices can be provided by JSC “Romida” specialists, which will help you to choose the most suitable locks.