1. Information and recommendations choosing door locks

2. Tips for choosing door handles

3. Information choosing door hinges

4. Tips for choosing the fittings for the door

5. Tips and information on gates and gates fittings

6. A few tips for choosing a gate automation system

7. Recommendations for choosing safes

8. Seifuva – safes producer in Lithuania

9. Must need information when choosing doors



Locks – are useful gadgets for protecting your property from thefts and robberies, it is used for stopping unwanted guests, and providing reliability and peace to you, when you are at home and when you are away for longer period of time, without taking your property with you. The most important factor to the locks is security. All locks, depending on how many security criteria they meet, are classified into safety classes in accordance with European Union standards. The cylindrical locks are classified into 5 security classes, and the plate type locks are classified into 7 security classes. The higher the security class of the locks is, the more security criteria it meets and the more reliable it is. Assessing the security level of a lock and assigning it to the appropriate security class, the following key criteria are taken into account:

JSC "Romida" for 20 years is providing high quality locks, from recognized and certified manufacturers. Specialists of the company, upon request, provides professional technical support and information about the interested locks, their manufacturers, security classes; Helps to choose the locks that meet the needs of the customer from the wide range of locks offered.



ABLOY - Finnish manufacturer locks: internal door locks, outside door locks, high security locks, additional locks, electric locks. It is one of the largest locksmith manufacturers in the world (merged with the ASSA ABLOY concern), offering a wide range of locks and locking systems. The materials used for the production of ABLOY locks have special features that increase the resistance to drilling and other impacts. ABLOY locks are extremely durable, resistant to wear, corrosion.

Extremely reliable ABLOY DISKLOCK and ABLOY PROTEC cylindrical locks are the highest 5th level security class locks, with a unique cylinder structure fully resistant to air, the keys are patented and manufactured only by authorized representatives, there are 2 billion. One-key profile options, the key rotates all cylinder disks at the same time, and if at least one floppy disk is turned incorrectly, others block out - this gives the highest level of protection against long blemishes.

SECUREMME - Italian locksmiths: high-security safe and cylindrical locks, additional locks. Locks are certified according to the ISO quality standard and have more than 200 million. Key combinations, special steel-manganese alloy protected from drilling; lockable with 4 key rotations; locks the door in three directions; Keys are sealed in the factory packaging and opened only in front of the buyer

AGB - Italian manufacturer locks: various internal door locks.

CISA - Italian manufacturer locks ELBOR-GRANIT: safety locks with increased security.

NEMEF - Locks of the Netherlands manufacturer, owned by ASSA ABLOY concern: high security locks.

ZONE - The UK manufacturer of Zone Security Products (UK) Limited ZONE 2000 enhanced security code locks.



Before buying a lock, it is advisable to consult a specialist to find out if your chosen lock is certified, to find out its security level, which security class lock is applicable.

Most theft and robbery occur with the use of a master-key or broken locks, so you should pay close attention to choosing a very secure and reliable locks. High security class locks are relatively more expensive, but it is a long-lasting investment in the safety of your home.

In order to increase security, lock key multiplication control and lock protection should be considered, whether the lock has all the necessary protection against mechanical breakage, drilling, and acidic effects.

When a lock key is lost, it is recommended that you immediately change the lock latches, rather than simply creating a new key in the first key workshop that has occurred.

When choosing a lock latches, the most robust and resistant to dirt, moisture, freezing, and acidic effects are cylindrical lock latches that operate on the principle of rotating discs.

In order to save and decide whether to select two lower security class locks or one higher security class locks, it is recommended to choose the second option as optimal.

It is recommended to build 2 different types of higher security class locks (cylindrical and safe) for increasing the security of doors.

In order to increase the efficiency of the locks, it is necessary to build it in high-quality and strong doors (if you have a poor-quality, a weak door, even a good lock will not be able to protect your property).

To make it more difficult to mechanically break the door, they should be mounted in such a way that the door opens outward.

More useful and professional advices can be provided by JSC "Romida" specialists, which will help you to choose the most suitable locks.



Focus on even the finest details. This is the principle that our represented manufacturers work. Manital, DND, FMN Martinelli - recognized as a manufacturer of exceptional design, quality door handles in Europe. These products are sold in Lithuania since 1996, and have earned the name of a quality product.

1. Convenience

Door handles are used many times each day by opening or closing doors. Therefore, in order for this process to be smooth and comfortable door handles must meet the following requirements:

• Comfortable tuck up around the arm.

• When choosing a handle model, it should be noted that the gap between the door and the handle should be convenient for a hand to grab (When the door is with glass vents or protruding door ornaments - a more comfortable outwardly shaped handle form).

• Adjustable arm handle. When bending the handle, we should not feel the resistance of the additional spring, and when the handle is released it must return to its original state. If the handle is larger, then the spring must be tightened so that the handle would not be bent. When choosing a handle, attention must be drawn to the strength of the locking spring.

2. Fastening

Opening the door, at the pulling time handle attachments got loaded. If the handle is only attached with woodscrews, they will wear out in time. Our sold handles are fixed straight through the lock by the screw-in bolts. Handles have an additional hexagon fastening screw to the axis between the handles.

3. Door handle design

Most of the time, the handles are chosen according to the interior of the room. They can be classical, modern or any different style. When choosing the colour and shape of the handles it is important to take colour of the door into the account.

4. Handling

• INOX - stainless steel. An extremely rigid surface gives the door handle a durability. It is perfect for outdoor and indoor use.

• Brass - handle made of brass, with a hot stamping method. It is a process that guarantees the highest degree of quality and longevity. Perfect for outdoor and indoor use.

• Zinc - handles made of zinc, excellent quality and price combination. Not suitable for outdoor use.

5. Additional Annexes

Along with the handles colour and style it is possible to match-up other accessories as: 

• Circular lock cylinders.

• Cover the "Buratin key" key box in a loop.

• WC spools with the option of opening from the outside of the toilet door (this is especially useful for families with small children who can lock in unintentionally, etc.)



Door hinges are divided into categories:

• Classic, attached door hinges for wooden doors. They come in two types, a door with overlap and smooth doors. Hinges are made of brass or steel. For outdoor corrosion conditions, it is advisable to use brass door hinges. Hinges with a ball bearings makes it easier and quieter to open or close.

• Screw-in door hinges are easy to mount using a template. They are designed for wooden doors with overlap. During the exploitation, they can be easily adjusted horizontally and vertically. Hinges made of galvanized steel and can be exploited in outdoor conditions. The AGB's door hinge has a Teflon lining so the hinge opens up easily and quietly. 

• Hidden hinges is for smooth, wooden interior doors. During the exploitation, they can be easily adjusted horizontally and vertically. Closing the doors, unlike classical and screw hinges, it is not possible to see them, and it's perfectly used for the exclusive designed doors.• Welded door and door hinges are for metal products. They are made of steel, and in order to avoid corrosion, it is necessary to paint them with metal-based paints after boiling. Normally, unregulated hinges are used, but with the use of adjustable metal hinges, you can easily adjust the metal doors or courtyard gates in vertical direction.



The yard gates even has a few possible important missions. First of all, they protect and help control entry / entry to your private area and thus help protect against unwanted guests. Second, they adorn your space, give you more completeness, aesthetics to the common exterior.

The yard gate according to the method of opening can be of two main types:

• Sliding (detachable) courtyard gates.

• The gate openers of the yard.

The key characteristics of choosing the most suitable gateway are:

• Longevity (the yard gate should last for long).

• Quality (the yard gate should be made of high quality, durable, practical materials, resistant to adverse climatic conditions, non-freezing, etc.).

• Maximum security of your territory, gates tightness.

• Functionality, user-friendly operation and adjustment.

• Compactness (the gate of the yard should occupy relatively little space, especially if the yard space is limited).

• Minimum required door supervision.

• No noise, smooth and smooth operation of the gate.

• Excellent aesthetic appearance, harmonious alignment with the building and the general environment.

An important role in choosing the most suitable yard gate is for the courtyard door fittings and the automation system.


The courtyard fittings of the yard are the important details of the yard gate: gate trolley-wheels, undercarriages, retaining wheels, rails, lower and upper stops, gear rails, welded and regulated hinges, locks for luggage, etc. The fittings of the yard door must meet all the security requirements and ensure the smooth functioning of the gate and long-term operation independently of the natural conditions.

The courtyard gate automation is an automated gate management system that incorporates the latest technology to easily and comfortably open or close the gate and increase the security of your area.

Below you will find useful information and tips to help you choose the most suitable yard gates, their fittings and automation.



Sliding courtyard gates are a great choice if:

• Your yard is short, concave, the area of the yard is limited or the entrance to the yard is from the narrow side of the road or the street.

• Unfavourable climatic conditions (snow or ice in winter, leaf fall in autumn, mud in spring, etc.).

• The entrance is fairly wide.

A sliding courtyard gate does not require the opening of an additional courtyard area as the gate is open, as it is simply pushed to the right or left side of the fence at the entrance / exit. They may consist of one or two parts. They are not getting blocked with debris, rubbish, snow or ice, as they move without touching the ground. The sliding courtyard gate can also close large width entrances (eg 10 meters), with no additional load on the hinges and gate pillars.

When planning to install a sliding yard gate, it is worth paying attention to the following:

• Sliding down the courtyard gates will require about 30-40% more space than the entrance width, i.e. The total length of the gate will be 130-140% of the entrance width.

• For these gates, a solid foundation (usually 2 concrete pillars) is important, which is installed according to the weight of the gate, width, direction of movement.

• In order for the gates to function for a long time and operate smoothly, it is necessary to use high-quality gates fittings.

• To make the gate easy to open / close automatically, to increase the overall protection of the site, it is recommended to use a high-quality gate automation that is mounted on one of the gate pillars.

We recommend using the Italian manufacturing company Combi Arialdo Srl's sliding courtyard gates fittings. For many years now, this company specializes in the production of door fittings and is recognized and valued worldwide for quality and durable products with a great deal of quality and price:

• Combi Arialdo Srl gates trolley-wheels Art.395. Gates trolley-wheels are mounted on the foundation and help ensure the balance of the entire sliding courtyard gate system. The Combi Arialdo Srl Gates trolley-wheels are currently considered one of the most trusted trolley-wheels in the market with a special construction, with strong and durable bearings, capable of withstanding loads of over 900 kg (pictured with RC and RS). They are made of white zinc and meet the class III corrosion resistance in accordance with the requirements of UNI EN 1670. It should be mentioned that these trolley-wheels are also very easy to regulate.

• Combi Arialdo Srl special profile rail Art.399. The gates frame is mounted on this rail. The Combi Arialdo Srl manufacturer's track has a special shape that makes almost no possibility to keep water and dirt inside the rail. The rail is made of white zinc and corresponds to the class III corrosion resistance according to the requirements of UNI EN 1670. Corrosion resistance is particularly important as the surface of the rail may be damaged due to heavy movement and start to harden.

• Combi Arialdo Srl gate stops: lower stop Art.397 and upper stop Art.467. The gates are located on these stops, they balance the entire gate system, prevent the gates from being sidelined, and protect from noise. They are also made of white zinc.

• Combi Arialdo Srl End Guide Wheel Art.396 and Nylon roller (Art.447, Art.448, Art.455). The end guide wheel helps to reduce the load on Gates trolley-wheels. The Nylon roller helps keep the gate upright. Castors made of white zinc.

• Combi Arialdo Srl Rectangular sliding gate rack Art.805. It is mounted on a special profile rail and allows the gates to easily push the gate. Rectangular sliding gate rack can be 1 m or 2 m in length, made of white zinc.

When choosing a sliding courtyard automation, it is important to pay attention to the experience of gate automation manufacturer in this field, reliability of equipment, service quality level, application of new technologies and price-quality ratio.

We recommend using the Italian manufacturer BFT S.p.a. sliding courtyard gate automation. The company manufactures high-quality gate automation for various gates since the 1980s and is one of the leaders in the world:

• BFT S.p.a. Deim BT 24V and Deusha 230V gate automation is made for sliding courtyard doors weighing less than 500 kg (private house gate). Deim BT's 24V gate automation is also suitable for larger objects where the gate formation process is intense.

• BFT S.p.a. Deimos 800F gate automation is suitable for sliding courtyard doors with a weight of up to 800 kg. This gateway automation has additional protection against obstructions (car, human, etc.).



The swing gates to the courtyard is a great choice if:

• There is enough space inside or outside the yard to open the gates.

• A wider range of aesthetic-decorative solutions is needed.

The swing gates must be mounted on the pillars. They can open inside or out of the courtyard or one can open inside and the other one outside. They may consist of one or two parts.

When planning to install a gate in the courtyard you should pay attention to the following:

• The pillars for the courtyard gates are very important; depending on the width and weight of the gates, it is must to choose the correct diameter of the pillars, the thickness of the walls, and the depth of concrete.

• It is recommended to use metal details, metal core, in masonry studs, which will provide additional strength for the pillars.

• In order to serve the gate for a long time and to work evenly, it is necessary to use high-quality gate fittings.

• In order to make it easy to open / close the gate, to increase the safety of the whole area, it is recommended to use a high quality gate automation, which is chosen according to the weight and length of the shafts.

It is recommended to use swing yard gates fittings:

• If the pillars are masonry, it is advisable to use the Italian manufacturer Combi Arialdo Srlvyrius Art.378.

• If the pillars are metal, then weld hinges Art.376 or adjustable hinges Art.375.

• When a remote gate opening system is installed, the lock for the 2450 rollers with the electromagnetic plate PLE96A, which responds to electromagnetic pulses, is used.

• The inside of the door is filled with wooden tables or decorative panels, made using elements of blame.

It is recommended to use the Italian company BFT S.p.a. swing yard gates automation:

• Phobos BT (video)

(When the length of one door panel is less than 2 meters) and the Phobos BTNL (when the length of one door panel is less than 5 meters). This is the most popular automation for swing courtyard gates. This gate automation has 24V technology, enhanced security level, and equipped with magnetic switches, which do not require additional gate openings when opening or closing. The gate automation opens gates at 90 degrees in 18 seconds.

• Door automation Virgo 24V is also a popular automation system with 24V technology. It is easily mounted on masonry columns and allows you to open the door at an angle of 120 degrees. The automation opens the gate within 14 seconds.



Modern gates are completely different than they were made ten years ago - they not only decorate the entrance to your territory, but also are comfortable and safe to use, do not take extra space in your yard and provide protection against unwanted guests.

Today's gate can be divided into the following categories:

• Yard gates

• Garage doors

• Industrial gates

The yard gates has two types:

• Sliding courtyard gates (lately more popular).

• Gates of the courtyard (classic).

Sliding courtyard gates are usually installed inside the yard and can open either to the right or to the left, depending on how much space is on either side of the gate. These gates are most suitable for the closure of the territory - short, narrow, concave courtyards or larger passageways closure.

Advantages of sliding yard gates:

1. Sliding gates are compact and perfectly suited for limited yard space (saving space). They do not need additional space for opening the gate, as they can simply be pulled along the fence to the right or left side. Therefore, these gates do not occupy the additional courtyard area, which is necessary for car maneuvering, parking or other uses.

2. Sliding gates move smoothly without touching the ground (no upper and lower rails), so neither garbage nor snow or ice interfere with the easy opening of the gates. This is especially true for Lithuanian climate conditions.

3. Sliding gates can maintain a high weight, that is is why they are suitable even for large-sized entrances. For comparison, the swing gate openings, especially if they are heavy and long, heavily loads gates hinges and gate pillars. Due to excessive load, the hinges can quickly wear out and the gate pillars move sideways, then an additional load will be needed for the gate automation. The sliding gate of the yard does not have these drawbacks - they can weigh several tons and cover large widths, such as: 10 meters of entrances. Even with such parameters, sliding gates will operate smoothly (open evenly and without excessive noise) for many years.

 Sliding courtyard gate and gate fittings characteristics:

• The total length of the sliding gate is equal to the entrance width, adding 30-40% of this size, depending on the gate weight (totaling about 130-140% of the entry width).

• In the 30-40% of the supplementary area, usually there are installed 2 foundations. The higher the entry width, the greater the distance between these foundations is. The dimensions of the foundation may vary. For example, when the entry width is 4-5 meters and the gate is moderate, the dimensions of the first foundation will be about 1200 x 500 x 500 cm, the dimensions of the second foundation will be about 1200 x 400 x 400 cm.

• Gate automation (electromechanical actuator with control unit and variable code receiver) is installed on the first gate.

• On the foundations are mounted door fittings and its part are – trolley-wheels.

• The sliding gates frame is welded and mounted on a special profile rail, with which the gate frame moves along the trolley-wheel along the fence.

• A gear rack is mounted on the rail. It is necessary for the gate automation to easily push the gate.

• In order to keep the sliding gates long lasting and long, the following accessories for the gate are required: gate stops (lower and upper), lower wheel and retaining wheel.

Sliding courtyard gates fittings:

• Recommended use of the Italian manufacturer Combi Arialdo Srl trolley-wheels Art.395. They are one of the most trusted fittings for trolley-wheels on the market today, with the advantages of special construction, durable and durable bearings, with a load of over 900 kg (pictured with RC and RS). Also, these trolley-wheels are galvanized and meet the third class of corrosion resistance in accordance with the requirements of UNI EN 1670. It is also important to mention that these trolley-wheels are very easy to regulate. For example, when the tables are mounted on the gate frame, the gates may fall slightly, in which case, with the help of a simple key, the trolley-wheels can be adjusted to allow the gates to move straight. Trolley-wheels stand apart from each other at a certain distance and ensure the balance of all moving gates.

 • It is recommended to use the Art.399 special profile rail of the Italian manufacturer Combi Arialdo Srl. Due to the special shape of the rudder, dirt and water do not stay inside. The rail is galvanized and meets the third class of corrosion resistance in accordance with the requirements of UNI EN 1670. Corrosion resistance is especially important because the rail often moves and its surface can be damaged and start to harden.

• It is recommended to use the Italian manufacturer's Combi Arialdo Srl gate stops: the bottom stop Art.397 and the upper stop Art.467. Also use the lower wheel Art.396 and the retaining wheel (Art.447, Art.448, and Art.455). The lower caster enters the lower stop and transfers part of the gate weight to it, removing part of the load on the trolley-wheels. The top stop prevents the gates from moving sideways (balances the entire gate system, protects against noise). The retaining caster is built from the bottom to the top of the welded profile and fixed to the gate post, thus helping to keep the gate in a vertical position.

• It is recommended to use the Art.805 rectangular sliding gate rack of the Italian manufacturer, Combi Arialdo Srl., The rack can be 1 m or 2 m in length.

Italian manufacturing company Combi Arialdo Srl has been specialized in the production of door fittings for many years and is well-known worldwide for quality and durable products. All door fittings are manufactured in the same factory and tested as a solid system. This allows you to accurately calculate what load the gate system can withstand, so the design can be manufactured from thinner metal. The result is that this system is lighter, thus less wearing and no additional load goes to gates automation. Due to the special design, this system is very durable and long-lasting it is also important to mention that it has a very good quality and price ratio.



The courtyard gates are mounted on 2 metal or masonry pillars with metal details, with special hinges.

Fitted Door Hinge Fittings:

• If the pillars are masonry, it is advisable to use the Italian manufacturer Combi Arialdo Srl hinges Art.378.

• If the pillars are metal, then the best hinges are Art. 376 or adjustable hinges Art.375. Using these hinges, you can adjust the gates or wickets without removing them.

• Gates adjustment is especially important when a remote gate opening system is installed. Then lock for gates 2450 is used with an electromagnetic plate PLE96A that responds to electromagnetic pulses is used.

• The gap between the gate post and the gate opening is very small, so it is necessary to adjust it properly. The shutters are usually made of a square tube (40 x 40 mm). The inside of the door is filled with wooden tables or decorative panels made using forged elements.



Industrial facilities usually require gates to close large openings. The sectional doors are the most popular in buildings, and sliding gates are used to close the area. The industrial gates are large in size and are used extensively, requiring strong and reliable door fittings and automation.

The Italian manufacturing company Combi Arialdo Srl offers a wide range of sliding gates for the door fittings of Medio (maximum entry width up to 9 meters) and Grande (maximum entry width up to 14 meters).



When choosing gate automation, attention should be paid to the experience of gate automation manufacturer in this field, reliability of equipment, service quality (additional services, after-sales service) quality, application of new technologies and price-quality ratio.



Even the heavy sliding gates of the yard, if they are well-fitted, can be easily pushed by hand, but with gate automation all gate management functions are more comfortable and safer. Gate automation is needed for easy automatic opening and closing and locking of the gate, providing greater protection for your area.

The sliding gate automation is selected according to the weight of the gate and the intensity of its formation. The movement for the gates is transmitted through the rectangular sliding gate rack bar Art.805 (door fittings detail).

The Italian company BFT S.p.a., which has been manufacturing gate automation since the 1980s, is one of the leaders in the field in the world and offers gate automation for gates of any size:

• The most commonly used Deimos BT 24V and Deimos 230V gate automation for the gates with a weight of up to 500 kg are offered by this company. This is a good choice for private users who arrange the gate automation of their home courtyard. BT's 24V range is also suitable for larger objects where traffic (gate opening) is intense.

• Deimos 800F is suitable for gates weighing up to 800 kg. This gate automation has additional protection against obstruction (car, human, etc.) compression.


The automation for the swing gate is selected according to the length and weight of the shaft. Automation can be installed both on the newly installed and on the old gate.

Italian company BFT S.p.a. offers a gate automation for various sizes of swing gates:

• The most popular automation for the swing gate is recognized by Phobos BT (one shelf length up to 2 meters) and the Phobos BTNL (one shelf length up to 5 meters). This gate automation features 24V technology, enhanced security levels, and equipped with magnetic isolators, which does not require the installation of additional gates for opening or closing doors. Automation gates open at 90 degrees in 18 seconds.

• Gate automatics is also popular in Virgo 24V. It also has 24V technology installed, the gate opens in 14 seconds. It is easily mounted on masonry columns and allows you to open the door at an angle of 120 degrees



Sectional raised garage doors are the most up-to-date and functional and most popular garage doors. They consist of sections - horizontal panels (panels), connected to one set. These gates climb upward and slid inward parallel to the ceiling (saving the garage space).

Usually, garage doors with automation in the house are installed at first place and only then the gate with its automatics. Lifting garage door automation is subject to much lower requirements than yard gate automation, since garage door automation is usually at a positive temperature, not exposed to precipitation and dirt. Attention is drawn to the fact that not all manufacturers produce the same reliable two types of automation, so it is necessary to pay attention to the characteristics of the gateway automation (operate the outdoor temperature, etc.) and do not rush to buy the gate automation of the same manufacturer's courtyard.

In order to match the automation of two different manufacturers (garage door and courtyard), it is possible to use the universal Italian company BFT S.p.a. receiver Clonix – it is an external variable-channel dual-channel receiver that is designed to match BFT automation with the automation of another manufacturer. Once installed, it will be possible to control the gate of another manufacturer and perform other useful functions with the same BFT remote control. Using this universal receiver, it is possible to program the controls to enable the irrigation system, outdoor lighting, etc.

By installing BFT gate automation systems in Boticelli, EOS or Argo, the gate will be maximally comfortable to use.



The Italian company BFT S.p.a. It offers powerful gate automation for intensive exploitation - Deimos 800F, Urano BT, Icaro, SP 4000 (up to 4,000 kg for doors).

BFT Argo gate automation is suitable for lifting sectional doors (up to 20 square meters). It is mounted on a shaft and is very conveniently adjusted and programmed.



What should I pay attention to when choosing a safe?

Before choosing a safe, you need to decide on what are you going to keep. A small safe is available for jewel safekeeping. If you plan to store documents or a laptop computer, you will need a larger safe. Before picking, it's important to measure the place, where are you going to put a safe.

• Wall safes - attached to the wall opening. This safe box is so small, it's easier to hide. He firmly attaches to the wall. Disadvantage - in preparing the place for the safe, additional preparatory work is needed, the cavity in the wall must be made.

• Furniture safe - fixed by screws to the floor or wall, so you need to set it when choosing a place. The safe can be placed in a shelf or hid by a furniture wickets. Advantage - It's easy to find the right place. The disadvantage is that it takes up space and is easier to notice.

• Safe lockable with a mechanical lock. This safe is cheaper when compared to a motor lock. Disadvantage - you need to carry the key with you, store it. It can be copied.

• Safes locked by an electric motor lock. These types of safes are more expensive than a mechanical lock. Advantage - there is no need for a key to be protected, the lock code can easily be changed. Disadvantage - Rarely, but you need to replace the lock battery. In a case of a battery leak - there is an emergency opening key.

The safe is bought as an additional protection to protect your most expensive assets, so it's important to note where it was made (we do not recommend safes from countries in the Asian region), and you need to make sure that the product has the necessary warranties and post-warranty service.



A couple of decades ago, the safes did not have a clear and unified classification against a mechanical breakdowns. In the market, the strength of a safe means the name of the manufacturer, the weight of the safe, recommendations, often visual strength.

Each manufacturer or each testing laboratory individually provided strength ratings for their safes, expressed in stars, letters, and so on.

There is now a unified European Union certification system and standards. Safes for burglary resistance are certified according to EN-1143-1 standards, and reinforced metal cabinets EN14450. Armoured safes are grouped from 0 to class VIII, metal cabinets to S1 and S2 classes.

How strength classes are given? Certified testing laboratories can perform tests for breaking the safe, which are subsequently recognized by the Certification Bureaus and according to such drawings, to the production requirements gives the manufacturer a certificate that safe meets such and such a class. A desirable class-based safe is being used by laboratory experts to use the class breakthrough techniques described in the standard.

After summing up the opening time and what instrument was opened the safe counts the resistance points of the RU (resistance units). For example, a class I safe deposit box cannot be less than 50 RU, and III-120 GB. Safes must be fitted with a certified Class A, B or Class C lock certified according to EN 1300 standard. Upper class safes or two locks according to customer's wishes. It does not matter whether it's a key, code-mechanical or code-electronic lock, an important is lock class. The safe must be securely fastened to the fixing elements corresponding to the concrete foundation (wall or floor). As technology evolves, the safes are tested every five years.

The manufacturer must implement the ISO 9001 Production Management Standard.

What needs strength classes and standards? The security class overlooks what value amounts can be considered safes to be banned by insurance companies. By complying with these requirements, companies or individuals may keep relevant values in their security safes. The table, which safety class a safes, what value assets can be considered by the insurance company. These requirements should be obeyed by the security services when accepting the object of storage.

JSC Seifuva, founded in 1991, is the only manufacturer of certified safes in Lithuania. Since 2010 The Company belongs to the ESSA (Europe Security System Association). Safes are tested by SSF (Swedish test laboratory) and certified by the ECB (European certification body). Seifuva is strictly adhering to safety requirements for the safety of production. Continuously consulting and participating in safety conferences organized by ESSA, constantly exhibiting its products at international safety product exhibitions.



What do people need to know when choosing a door?

When choosing a door, people has to understand and evaluate a lot of different things:

Door Purpose (outdoor or indoor);

• What are the requirements of the customer for their doors (higher level of protection and sound and thermal insulating properties, or only sound and thermal insulating properties);

• What requirements does customer have for door finish (design, materials, durability, etc.);

• Locks (manufacturer, advantages and disadvantages);

• Door Model.

Why does our doors cost more comparing with Chinese?

Doors coming from China are fully made and have only standard dimensions, and therefore do not always meet the needs of the customer. The materials used in doors manufacturing are of dubious quality, this is the reason why these doors are often damaged, and the seller does not have the ability to repair them, because there are no spare parts nor materials. The guarantee for these doors, as a rule, does not exceed 12 months. The base of all doors is the lock, namely the lock and the weakest place in the Chinese door - a bad heart, a weak mechanism that only opens with the help of a clip.

So, the answer to this question can only be the question: CAN THE DOOR WITH TWO LOCKS COST THE SAME AS ONE NOT HIGHEST PRICED LOCK

Is it possible to install an additional lock in the existing door?

Locks are installed in the door during production and from the type of locks (size, additional accessories, etc.) belong to the interior of the door and frame construction. Without major problems, it is possible to change the locks of the same manufacturer or made according to a certain standard. All other changes are a possible violation of the structure, so we look at this kind of "modernization" with great caution. If such work was not performed by our company, the customer may lose the guarantee for the whole product.

Is the hinged frame better than the standard made of a rectangular pipe?

As always there is no unequivocal answer. Door manufacturing uses door frames, both from a profiled profile and from a rectangular pipe. The rectangular tube has better mechanical properties. The stack is stronger, which is very important when the walls are weak and the fasteners cannot lock it in the opening of the cabinet. It is easier to insulate the casing from the crimped profile, all the cavities are made using reformatting devices, so the casing does not require additional machining. During the door measurement, the craftsman can advise you which variant is right for you.

If your doors are thinner than the ones from a rival company are these doors mechanically weaker?

All doors before sales need to be tested in order to serve them long and do not change their properties after a long period of time. One part of such tests is precisely the tests of mechanical strength and strength, when the doors are tested by bending, shaking, and pressuring their construction. Our done the tests have shown that our "thin" doors overtake almost all "thick" competitors by the very design of their own, with the inside of the curtain filled with closed flexible steel profiles, which not only protect the locks from the outside and inside, but also strengthen the door frame.

Do you need a roof over the outside door?

The roof above the outside door is not only necessary, but a must-need. In our operating rules, even in a separate paragraph, it is written that without a roof for the door, warranty is not given. Exterior doors are not completely sealed, so water can get inside the door and damage the door structure or damage the lock mechanism, and if this happens on a regular basis, the risk is increasing.

Why do I need an "armoured" door, if I do not require special protection, but only a good, warm and sound insulating door?

For a long time, "armoured doors" are not a luxury item. Over the past 20 years, they have proven their advantage over the wooden door. Although they look like a simple wooden door, but due to their design, it allows to avoid the negative features, the defects that are typical of ordinary wooden doors. The advantages of the doorbell: and their structure does not evolve over time. Warranty for the INTERNAL door is up to 5 years.

• Very good heat and sound insulation. The inside of the door is filled with mineral wool.

• Finishing materials are very easy to maintain.

• Safest locks are used, which locks into 3 sides, which greatly increases the mechanical resistance of the sash before breaking-in.

How much does our door cost?

The price of a door depends on the size of the door, decoration, locks, mounting space, and so on. If you give us all this information, we will accurately calculate the price of the door. For more information, please contact us at 8 46 366550 or send an inquiry by e-mail:

Where else can I order your door if I live in a city where there are no stores?

Our doors are sold in almost all of Lithuania. To find out the nearest place, please email us at We will respond personally or forward your letter to our partners so that they can contact you.

How does our protective doors construction differs from the other manufacturers?

Door sash is made of closed profiles. The welded profile on the front sheet is made up of a pipe-type design, which is almost impossible to deform using a hand-held instrument (a cone, a screwdriver, etc.). The sleeve becomes unusually stable and has been confirmed by tests in specialized laboratories;

• Thickness of the sash is just 65 mm;

• The gap between the door leaf and the frame is protected by a double layer of metal;

• The closed folded profile is made up of a metal box, so all locks are protected from the outside both inside and out;

• The hinges fixation point is reinforced with a 40 * 50 4mm thick steel plate;

• The hinges are protected by four 16 mm pins from cutting.


What kind of doors are better for the outside and what is the difference between our doors and other outside doors?

OUTSIDE DOORS are probably the most complex of all our doors.

Outdoor doors have to serve for many years, to withstand atmospheric, sun, wind, rain, cold, moisture effects, to be mechanically durable, to protect the house.

The UPHOLST door was developed immediately as an outside door and combined the best of the required properties - excellent thermal insulation (1 W * K / m2) and good sound insulation (42 dB). They do not have a direct frost bridge, so they cannot catch and do not spit. Metal is used only to increase the mechanical strength of doors, and most of the parts are made of glued plywood, so they can be repainted after a while as a simple wooden door.

What does the RAL colour palette mean?

There are many colour standards among paint manufacturers that produce colours.

The RAL colour palette is probably the most commonly used standard. The main colours can be viewed online at, but when choosing a colour on the Internet, you need to know that the colour on the screen does not always accurately match the actual colour of the paint, depending on the monitor's settings. Therefore, we suggest checking the colour in the colour catalogue, which is available at all sales outlets.

How are our doors installed and how do we tackle weakening of the sites?

From door mounting depends on how much your door is serviced, so we advise that the door is installed by our specialists or our authorized company, then you will avoid problems with the poor installation of the door.

The door mounting method depends on the walls, the size of the door, the model, the mounting location. The doors are usually fitted with screws or steel pins. If the doors have special security requirements, in order to protect the fixing points from cutting, they can additionally be protected by a hinged profile or metal inserts, and the mounting foam is replaced by a masonry mix.

 Why Doors form condensation?

When there is a big difference between the outside and the internal temperature, the door can from a condesnation from the inside. The main reasons for this are poor ventilation and insufficient heating. When the premises are badly ventilated, air humidity increases. When it is badly heated - the air no longer has any moisture in it. And in one case, the door surface temperature dropped to a certain threshold, otherwise known as the dew point, causing condensation to accumulate. If the door is constantly moist, mold may appear which is very dangerous to human health.

What does powder paint and powder painting mean?

These are special dry paints (powder) that electrically spray metal surfaces. Later, the "powdered" sprayed part is placed in the oven. It is at this stage that the "powder" turns into a paint coating. The furnace is equipped with a compressor blowing hot air. Polymerization is under way. The "powder" is simply melded around the surface and forms a solid coating. Powder coating helps protect metal from corrosion. Powder coated surfaces are durable and also resistant to mechanical stress. They are durable not only in adverse climatic conditions, but also in a chemically aggressive environment.

How is PVC tape bonded to a MDF board?

Before bonding PVC, the MDF board is covered with special thermal glue, which is activated when the ambient temperature reaches the corresponding level. After drying the adhesive, the MDF board is covered with a PVC tape and placed in a membrane press, where it softens. The vacuum created compresses the film onto the MDF board and takes the shape of that plate with all the carvings and recesses.

The MDF board is covered with a solid sheet of tape, which makes it much more durable than the MDF board. It does not have glued edges that can withstand mechanical stress from time to time.

 Why do we use a standard shutter-chain, and others do not use or use their own produced chains?

Because of the very good sound insulation of the door, it's almost impossible for people to slip through the door without opening them and not losing security. So, based on the experience of our own and the most famous Italian door manufacturers MOTTURRA experience, for a secure conversation we use a shutter-chain, with a capacity of 750 kg.

The installation of this mechanism requires very sophisticated and precise machine tools, so not all manufacturers have the opportunity to purchase such production capacities. Other chains are only analogues and have many defects and do not perform all of their functions (significantly less pulling force, no locking function, force is distributed so that a very high load falls on the hinges).

What locks are installed in our doors?

For more than 20 years, we have been installing locks of the most famous manufacturers such as ASSA (Sweden), SECUREMME, (ITALY), MUL-T-LOCK (ISRAEL), MOTTURA (ITALY), CISA (ITALY), ABLOY (FINLAND). All of these locks are of high quality and reliability. They are evaluated by European laboratories and have appropriate quality certificates.